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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Orioto Game Art

Orioto is an artist on deviantart.com who has recently become popular due to his "high-def remakes" of old video games. He takes screenshots of SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo games and makes them look like they might on a next-gen console. Check out his profile here.

The best ones are:


Tuesdai said...

...theme of your blog brings a 'dorky smile' to my face; Video Games.

I USE to LOVEEE playing video games (morning, noon & night--well, when I had free time inbetween 'importance'), of course the addiction is ridicilous *shakes head*...so I eventually let it go :O). You have to...or be without a T.V lol. I'm not much of a TV watcher anyway though.

Have you ever heard of the video game "Bust-A-Groove"? It's one of my FAVORITE games...I also use to LOVE fighting games. And of course Mario will always be a first love.


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