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Friday, May 22, 2009

Emperor Workstation

"The Emperor offers a technological and ergonomical solution that enhances comfort, productivity, and gaming experience."

Modern day royalty? The Emperor Workstation includes multiple monitors, a control station, surround sound, seating control, inclination control, rotation control, adjustable lighting, air filtration, integrated processing, back-up battery power, iPod docks, USB docks, Webcams, Microphones, and Cable TV input; all in one chair.

The Emperor Workstation comes in 14 colors and comes with an optional Playstation 3. It's 44 inches wide and 65 inches long.

Promotional video can be found below, purchase the Emperor Workstation here.


Mono-rail said...

that......is...........AWESOME!!!! i want that so badly....but sadly, it symbolizes way too many things.....i.e. no-life gamer/computer geek/nerd who has social interactions whatsoever...........but still

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