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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cyberdyne HAL Suit

With Iron Man 2 in theaters soon, the world's attention will be drawn again to Tony Stark and his robotic suit. While the movie is fictional, the idea of a robotic suit that enhances human ability is not. Japanese company Cyberdyne is currently testing a suit that can multiply a person's strength by a factor of as much as 10.

The suit is called HAL (Human Assistive Limb) and has been in development for well over 5 years now. HAL's creator, Professor Sankai, says that the suit is primarily being developed to enhance the capabilities of the human body, but the suit will also have rehabilitation and therapeutic use. Whenever humans want to move, the brain sends a nerve impulse to muscles, and we obtain motorization. However, as a result of this message being sent, weak biosignals resonate from the surface of the skin. HAL picks up on these signals, and moves in perfect correlation with the movement of the body.

At the moment the suit is being tested in hospitals around Japan, and Cyberdyne has recently opened a branch office to spread its testing to the EU. No word of a United States release yet. This is a new technology that has unbelievable potential. In the near future it is not only possible, but likely, that dock workers will have HAL suits to help lift heavy loads and that patients around the world who could not walk will find a suitable exoskeleton in the HAL suit.


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