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Sunday, March 7, 2010


FM365 is an apparel company that sells 7 different designs every week. Every week the designs are replaced with brand new ones, and the previous week's designs go into an archive. The website and all the designs are the works of Hon Lam a.k.a. Flying Mouse. A prolific and very talented artist.

All designs are printed on American Apparel tees and sell for $15 for the first week. The website also offers hooded sweatshirts with Flying Mouse's designs.

FM365 is similar to TeeFury.com, a site that sells one unique t-shirt from a random artist per day, but I prefer the former since I don't have to check back every day in the hope I won't miss something I really like. Check out 3 of my favorite of Flying Mouse's designs below and make sure you check the site for some great deals on beautifully designed shirts.

IS OVER (out of stock)
Great Creation (out of stock)


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